The main fund raising drive of JCI Makati have reached thousands of people who have no means of helping other people on their own, but would really want to do so.  They have seen the value of BARYANIHAN not only for themselves, but also to the beneficiaries of the projects of JCI Makati.

Companies and other government agencies have also joined to raise funds thru BRAYANIHAN cans.  You can see them in restaurants, convenient stores, company  reception areas, government agency lobbies, and in the homes of other concerned private individuals who wanted to help the Filipinos.

BARYANIHAN Fund raising campaign is a very simple implementation of JCI Makati’s fund drive.  The aim is to encourage concerned individuals to put their spare change or extra coins inside the can until it is full.  The same project led to company and private citizen donors to sign up for an annual donation to JCI Makati to help finance their projects for the year.  The fund drive started small with the idea of coins, but it generated millions that really made all the projects of the LO rolling.