JCI Makati (Makati Jaycees) is one among the over 250 Local Organizations (LO’s) under JCI Philippines, belonging to the Metro South Area. It is an active and effective leadership organization in the progressive business community in the City of Makati, Philippines.  Organized on the 14th day of March 1964 with Marcos Aragon as its Charter President.  

JCI Makati’s number one goal is to be able to lead and empower young men to become more of what they are capable of through community development and projects by applying the 17 United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (UNSDG).  2021 LO President Lawrence Li Tan said, “the goal of  JCI Makati is to be able to reach more communities to help in this time of  global crisis.”

Over the years, the chapter has produced many outstanding projects like Bb. Pilipinas and Alay Lakad; adapted by both the local and national government and contributed its share of officers to the national and regional Jaycee organizations.   JCI Makati has contributed significantly not only to the national organization but also to the Philippines’ business landscape producing Industry Leaders in the last 57 years. It has produced three (3) JCI Philippines National Presidents, Jose M. Barredo Jr., Gerry Sevilla, and Crispin Dy, who also became one of six (6) Filipino JCI World Presidents in 1997.

Notable past officers included former Ten Outstanding Young Men (TOYM ) National Chairman Cesar Yatco, Chowking Founder and Former St. Luke’s Medical Center Board of Trustees Chairman Robert F. Kuan, Former Subic Bay Metropolitan Authority (SBMA) Chairman Felicito Payumo, Former PCSO Chairman Sergio Osmena and Landco Pacific Corporation Founder Alfred Xerez-Burgos.


Alignment of programs to the 17UNSDG will help realize better health for people and the planet, now and into the future.

Lawrence L. Tan


The growth in infrastructure and industrialization is the major key drivers for biodiversity loss. There should be a 1:1 solution per every tree that has been cut, for every fertile land that has been cemented.

Nicanor C. Satur Jr.

Local Training Director

We should address the root cause of the problem, because the very idea of poverty restrict families to invest in a better quality of life for their children.

Herbert Joey Garcia

Immediate Past President

It is essential to find ways on to distribute resources more equitably.

Hosfelito O. Fines

Director for Membership and Recruitment

A sustainable food eco system must start in our own homes to guarantee a healthier future for all forms of life.

Francisco V. Cresencio

Executive Vice President

Each one of us must do his share in assuring the future of green forests and mountains. Human race’s increasing demand for human habitat has a direct correlation and impact to the decline of natural resources for the future.

Joseph Orinion

Director of Organizational Development

Investing in quality health care for all, including easy access to health care facilities and health information must be encourages to fight population density that leads to high transmission of communicable diseases.

Ken Oliver E. Okuya

Vice President – Internal

Let us not wait for us to require three-earth loads to sustain our planet earth. Responsible consumption and production must go hand in hand with thedecline of population and not the other way around.

Erick John Sahagun

Director for Corporate Partnership and Sponsorship

Putting quality education at the forefront of our goals can help conquer the root cause of poverty and population growth.

Sidney A. Cuesta

Vice President – External

Reversing human population growth can help avert the worst effects of climate change. This is because each additional person contributes to CO2e.

Elmar M. Nabisa

Director for Community Development

The end of gender inequality gives freedom especially to women who have long experienced violence in different forms.

Mark Dennis V. Uyaco

Vice President – Membership

Nurturing our waters must get a commitment from us before our seas will lose all life forms under it.

Mark Lester Lico

Director for Environmental Protection and Impact Manager

Global water crisis is a serious problem that we will all be facing we do not address climate change and population growth now.

Jose Karlo B. Hain

Vice President – Community

Consumers around the world are growing at such a rate that Earth’s natural systems may not be able to cope. Everything goes back to population control and responsible living.

Wenfred T. De Guzman

Director for PR and Media Affairs

The movement for renewable energy must be supported and done faster. Let us educate people in the use of dirty fuel and how it harms our environment.

Joey A. Moyaen


Population control coupled with responsible parenting can best help in keeping peace and justice in all communities.

Errol dela Cruz

Ambassador for International Affairs

We can only have economic growth if decent education can be equated with work opportunity.

Brycan Dayao

Executive Treasurer

Strengthening partnerships towards a common goal is far more effective than doing it alone.

Reynard Francisco

Local Executive Director


DECEMBER 2020 Positive Impact on Nation’s Change (P.I.N.C.) Congress Year 2

2021 JCI Makati kicked off with one of their biggest annual project.

JANUARY 2021 Launching of 2021 Projects

The list of projects under the leadership of 2021 LO President Lawrence Li Tan was presented during the month’s GMM.


Aims to gather spare change, which will help support the hundreds of project of JCI Makati that are focused on alleviating hunger, promoting quality education, equality in all forms and community development.

MARCH 2021 2021 TUKLAs Onto a New Development Skills paradigm

In today’s ever-changing marketplace, and with the COVID -19 global pandemic the importance of training has never been greater.

APRIL 2021 JCI Week

A collective endeavor among JCI Makati members producing projects that are geared towards improving human life.

MAY 2021 Children’s Day

Months dedicated for Florals, but we opted to highlight our love and appreciation of the children. Pasé as it may sound, but children lights up our lives.

JUNE 2021 Senior Citizen

It’s our simple way of giving back to those who reared us to be responsible leaders. We give thanks to our Lolos and Lolas and let them feel that they are appreciated and part of the community.

JULY 2021 Huni ng Buhay

We have to make sure that no one will go to sleep in an empty stomach. Projects has been laid out to educate the communities in building sustainable food source while lessening the carbon footprints that we create.

AUGUST 2021 Zero to Hunger

We have to make sure that no one will go to sleep in an empty stomach. Projects has been laid out to educate the communities in building sustainable food source while lessening the carbon footprints that we create.

SEPTEMBER 2021 Health

Health is the start and end of it all, for most of us. It is important that we know that physicality is not the only things that we should focus when it comes to health.

OCTOBER 2021 Livelihood Program

Sustainable livelihood programs can definitely help augment the day to day needs of the families involved, but most importantly the decreases in unemployment also has a correlation with the decrease criminal activities.

NOVEMBER 2021 Tree Planting

Tree Planting gives a new breathe of life to Mother Earth. With every person who produces CO2e, a tree or more trees must be planted to sustain our planet.


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