Empowering the Filipino People:

The Key to Community-Building as Told by JCI Makati’s New Local Training Director Nic was an average student who was usually bullied and teased during his primary and secondary years of school because of his obesity and being an Igorot. But this gentleman was raised in the Ibaloi tribe of culture and community. At present, Nicanor Calado Satur Jr. takes pride in his ability to foster the very sense of collectivism that he loved growing up. He wore a lot of hats and took on many roles in every industry imaginable to reach his current level of success. While still cultivating his own personal needs and wants, it’s his drive and dedication in serving the Filipino people, pushed him to go beyond and pursue a career that would help him empower his own countrymen.

Being part of the minority, it is always Nic’s prerogative to make sure that his career would bring honor to the Igorot tribe of the Ibaloi in the cordilleras. One of his ways to attain this success is to put high value in his education.

Nic’s friends would always remark on how he’s a natural leader. His critical thinking and decision-making put him ahead in certain circumstances. It was always something that he kept on nurturing. His first stint at a career came when he was still in his first year of college, back in 2004. Nic worked as a freelance events organizer covering anything from Pageants, student seminars to concerts and product launching events. Soon, he realized that being a freelance events organizer was something that he is excellent at. He founded Satur Events Management & Marketing Solutions that specializes in conducting workshops and training for the corporate and the academia.

His position at JCI Makati is a two-way street. For Nic, the organization helped him develop true friendship, brotherhood, and volunteerism which he saw as vital in his life and career success. “The brotherhood led to business opportunities and project collaborations that empowered me as a professional and broadened my professional and personal network,” he said. Recalling his old mentor, Nic stays true to his mantra that his network is also his net worth. With JCI Makati, he was given an opportunity to grow mentally, economically, and spiritually.

Nic is excited to see what  2021, is in store for him and JCI Makati “Being an educator runs through my blood,” Nic explained. He is an academician by heart, a Christian by acts and a humble civic oriented individual who enjoys JCI projects and empowering young leaders of tomorrow.  As the organization’s Local Skills Development Director, he has extensive plans for 2021.